Undergraduate Admission

Transfer Credit

Generally speaking, most liberal arts courses taken at other colleges and universities are transferable to Brown. More specifically, Brown will transfer credit for courses at other colleges that are similar to courses offered in our own curriculum.

If you are wondering which of your classes will be transferable, you should peruse Brown’s online course search to see if the University offers a similar course. Brown will not award transfer credit for correspondence courses, online courses, courses taken during summer programs or for courses taken as part of a dual enrollment curriculum. Brown also will not award transfer credit for AP test scores.

Transferable credit is determined after a student enrolls

The University will not evaluate transferable credit prior to acceptance. Transferable credit is determined after a student enrolls. When an applicant is accepted, the acceptance letter will include information about the semester level at which the student will enter (first-semester sophomore, second-semester sophomore or first-semester junior), but the number of transferable courses will not be determined until the College has access to an admitted applicant’s final college transcript the summer before they enroll. Whether pre- or post-matriculation coursework, Brown does not award transfer credits for courses taken at non-regionally accredited institutions or the international equivalent. Brown requires the institution to be either a regionally-accredited 2-year or 4-year degree-granting college/university in the United States or international equivalent in a F-1 visa student’s home country (as established by the student’s primary residence and/or country of citizenship). There are no institutions with which Brown has an established articulation agreement for transfer credit.