Undergraduate Admission

For Counselors

The Office of College Admission recognizes the critical role that counselors play in supporting their students, and values our partnership with counselors at each point in the admission process.

Brown supports counselors throughout the admission cycle with the information required to navigate the college decision-making process with students. Through the resources below, explore aspects of admission and financial aid or learn more by attending a virtual visit program. Discover the freedom and flexibility, diverse perspectives, and deep interest in making an impact that help to define the Brown community. For updates throughout the year and to receive our annual counselor newsletter, please join our contact list.

Submitting Documents to Brown

How to Submit

To ensure the timely processing of application materials during the admission cycle, please submit documents via the Common App or other online credential request services. In the rare circumstances that this is not an option, you may submit materials via email to [email protected]. If an item has been sent to Brown electronically, please do not mail duplicate hard copies.

Required Documents for Matriculating Students 

Please note that the following materials are due by July 1 for all students who have chosen to matriculate at Brown:
Both items should be submitted online through the Common Application. The Final Transcript should include final grades and confirm each student's successful completion of their secondary education. The Final School Report Form serves as additional confirmation of the student's successful completion of secondary school and should include the graduation date as well as notice of any course changes or other updates. We appreciate your help in ensuring that materials are submitted in a timely manner as we work to welcome the incoming class!

College Fairs

If you would like to invite a representative from Brown to your college fair, please email the invitation directly to [email protected]. As all requests must be received through this email account, we ask that you refrain from inviting alumni representatives directly. Please note that due to the volume of requests each year, we are limited in the number of fairs in which we are able to participate.