Undergraduate Admission


At Brown you’ll have the freedom to study what you choose and the flexibility to discover what you love.

Educational Innovation

A Brown education pushes students to be creative thinkers, intellectual risk-takers and entrepreneurial problem-solvers. 

Faculty at Brown see students as the center of academic life. Professors are experts in their fields and are dedicated to high-quality, innovative teaching and learning. Perhaps most importantly, they are mentors and guides who are deeply invested in the success and growth of Brown’s undergraduates.

The Open Curriculum

At most universities, students must complete a set of core courses. At Brown, you'll develop your own personalized course of study. You’ll sample courses in a wide range of subjects before immersing yourself in one of 80+ academic concentrations (what you might call a major) for in-depth, focused study, perhaps complemented by a certificate program to further your preparation for life after Brown. While there is no required core curriculum nor are there distribution requirements that students must complete in order to graduate, more information about concentration course requirements by department is available through the Undergraduate Concentrations link below.

Undergraduate Concentrations More about the Open Curriculum Certificates

Beyond the Classroom

Brown students learn to confront, address and solve problems facing society, the nation and the world. This dedication to making a real impact touches every part of the academic experience.

The accomplishments of Brown students are numerous and varied and include:

  • Decoding the secrets of a manuscript from Timbuktu
  • Synthesizing compounds to fight tuberculosis
  • Inventing new musical instruments 
  • Taking part in a United Nations convention on climate change

Graduates leave Brown prepared to thrive as independent, innovative leaders, no matter what path they choose.

“ Students don't just study in classrooms and think passively about how to solve society's problems and injustices — they take action to solve them. ”

Michael Demanche Geology, Class of 2018