Undergraduate Admission

Transfer Applicants

Brown welcomes between 100 and 200 transfer students to campus each year, making transfers an important and significant part of our campus community. We are happy to have you here.

If you have applied for transfer admission, we will allow late submission of transcripts and recommendation letters. If we are missing anything from your application, we will contact you directly. You may reach the transfer team by emailing [email protected] and we will respond during regular business hours.   

Most students who are unsatisfied with their college experience don't consider transferring to another school. They are unwilling to put up with the extra work, emotional energy and personal upheaval that transferring requires. Consequently, those who do take the initiative to transfer are already a significant distillation of the American college population.

Transfers are people who are unwilling to settle. They are willing to do the extra work to get what they want. And they are willing to take the path less traveled to arrive at a better place. These qualities that transfers possess prepare them well for college in general and for Brown in particular.

Brown's Open Curriculum is designed for the student who takes unusual initiative and demonstrates unusual independence. This could be part of the reason why transfers routinely do so well at Brown both academically and socially. It also might explain why so many of our most famous alumni originally came to Brown after a year or two at another institution.

One application, two times to enroll

Brown admits transfers in two cohorts: One group will enroll at Brown in the following fall semester, and another group will enter in the following spring semester. Although there are two possible semesters of entry, there is only one transfer admission process per year, with a deadline of March 1st.

Brown admits transfers who will begin their time at the College as first-semester sophomores, second-semester sophomores and first-semester juniors. All transfers must successfully complete a minimum of four semesters and 15 courses at the College in order to earn their undergraduate degree.

First- or second-semester sophomores who are admitted to Brown for the spring have two options:

  1. They may remain at their current college for the following fall, or
  2. They may spend their fall semester studying abroad through one of two Brown-sponsored study abroad programs in Spain and Ireland.

Typically, a little more than half of all spring-semester transfers study abroad through Brown in the semester prior to their enrollment.