Undergraduate Admission

Transfer Supplementary Materials

Music Submission

If you are accomplished in music, you may include additional supplements with your application in the Common Application, through SlideRoom. You do not need to wait for access to your Brown Applicant Portal to upload music to SlideRoom.

For the fall transfer application for spring entry, the deadline to create a SlideRoom account and submit a music supplement is October 3. For the spring transfer application for fall entry, the deadline to create a SlideRoom account and submit a music supplement is March 4.

We cannot assist students with issues submitting their supplements unless they have created an account in SlideRoom by October 3 (for spring entry applicants) or March 4 (for fall entry applicants) at the latest. Creating a SlideRoom account well before submitting your material is recommended to ensure that you are able to meet the submission requirements and adhere to the proper formatting in SlideRoom.

Although we accept visual art submissions for our first year applicants we do not have the option to submit a visual art supplement for transfer applicants at this time.

Music Submission Details

You may submit:

  • Images (up to 5 MB each)
  • Video (up to 250 MB each)
  • Audio (up to 30 MB each)
  • PDFs (up to 10 MB each)

You may also link to media from YouTube, Vimeo or SoundCloud. A $5 non-refundable processing fee is required at the time of submission. If you have a Common Application fee waiver, the SlideRoom fee will automatically be waived. Fee waivers can also be requested by emailing transferadmission@brown.edu prior to submitting your SlideRoom portfolio.

Students uploading a music submission should include the following information:

  • Your primary instrument or method of music-making with years studied.
  • A description of your musical training and experience. Include any relevant classes (e.g., music theory), private study or group music making.
  • Original compositions should be marked as such, with a score included if applicable.
  • We ask that you also list the composer(s) and title(s).
  • The total length of recordings should not exceed 15 minutes.
  • SlideRoom only allows students to submit one portfolio to the same program. In most circumstances, students should submit materials for only their primary instrument or method of music-making.
  • In the rare circumstance where a student has equally impressive talent in more than one area, they may submit materials in a secondary area. After a student has submitted their primary instrument they will be prompted to submit an additional form for their secondary instrument.

Visual Arts, Dance, Theater Arts and Performance Studies

While many Brown students are accomplished in the visual and performing arts and pursue visual arts, dance and theater in and out of the classroom, auditions and portfolios are neither required nor reviewed for transfer students interested in Visual Arts, Dance and Theatre Arts and Performance Studies.

All Other Supplementary Materials

We prefer that you upload all other supplementary materials to your file after you receive access to your Brown Applicant Portal.

We recommend that you do not send a collection of award certificates or similar materials.

If you have a YouTube video you'd like to share, or maintain an online presence that showcases your background, talents or creativity, please include that link in the Brown University Questions (Activities) section of the Common Application.

One optional letter of recommendation may be requested and submitted through the Common Application. Any additional supplementary recommendations should be sent directly by your recommender, either as a PDF emailed to transferdocuments@brown.edu or by fax to 401-863-9300. Be sure to ask your recommender to include your full name, date of birth and college or university in their letter so that we can match the letter to your application.

Video Introduction/Interview

Interviews are not offered as a component of Brown's transfer admission process. Instead, the video introduction provides a wonderful opportunity for us to learn more about you. After you have submitted the Common Application you will receive access to your Brown Applicant Portal. Once logged into your Brown Applicant Portal you will be given the option to submit a 2-minute personal video introduction. The deadline to submit a video introduction is October 9 for the fall application for spring entry and March 8 for the spring application for fall entry. While you will not be able to upload your video until you receive Brown Applicant Portal access, we encourage you to record your introduction in advance of the corresponding deadline. This will allow you to upload as soon as you receive your login credentials and ensure that your submission is added to your application as soon as possible.

  • The video introduction gives you an opportunity to tell us more about yourself, in your voice, beyond the information you provided in your application.   
  • Sharing a two-minute personal video is a helpful way to show us who you are.
  • Possible topics may include your academic interests, your connection to a family member or individual who has influenced you, your experience with the community that you are from or anything else that you would like to tell us about yourself.
  • Your video should begin with a short clip of you in front of the camera saying, "Hi, my name is [insert name] from [name of college]."
  • After that, what you choose to say and how you choose to say it is up to you. Simple and unrehearsed is fine, and you are welcome to be creative.
  • We recommend you dress casually as you would for a school day or school event.
  • Videos will not be evaluated for production quality, but you must limit your video to no more than two minutes.
  • Record your video introduction using the device of your choice, and then upload either a file or link to the introduction into your Brown Account Portal. We anticipate that many applicants will use phones and tablets to submit videos.
  • Record your video in landscape orientation; that way your finished product will not require viewers to turn their heads to the side when viewing on a desktop computer.
  • Make certain you are visible and audible during your video. Check the lighting and listen to your video after you have recorded it to ensure you are happy with the final product before submitting.
  • Once you have uploaded your video to your applicant portal be sure to click PREVIEW to view your submitted video to ensure it appears correctly before hitting CONTINUE.