Undergraduate Admission

Resumed Undergraduate Education (RUE) Applicants

The Resumed Undergraduate Education (RUE) Program is a small, highly competitive program ideal for students who interrupted or delayed their formal education due to family commitments, financial concerns, health issues, employment opportunities or simply a compelling need to explore other paths. U.S. military veterans are highly encouraged to apply using Brown's specialized Veterans Application, available in mid-October.

Academic opportunities and course load

RUE students take the same rigorous courses, earn the same bachelor’s degree (A.B. or Sc.B.) and have access to the full range of opportunities as all Brown undergraduates. They also take advantage of the flexibility of Brown’s Open Curriculum and may pursue any academic concentration. The RUE program is ideal for students who wish to have a full undergraduate experience, the opportunity to be involved in campus life and extracurricular opportunities, and a flexible timeline to pursue their academic goals.  

Unlike conventional transfer students, RUE students are not required to enter with advanced semester standing. All RUE students, including RUE transfers who may already hold associates degrees, will enter Brown initially with a semester level of one. This offers up to eight full-time semesters of enrollment, allowing for maximum choice in charting their Brown education and time to consider whether to accelerate their timeline to degree completion. Students may seek transfer credits and advance their semester standing later. Most RUE students will make transfer credit decisions during the first or second semester at Brown, once they have had a chance to take courses, speak with advisors and become more familiar with curricular options and more certain about their academic plans. RUE students typically pursue a full course load of three or four courses per semester, but may enroll in fewer courses with permission from a RUE dean.

Support and advising

  • RUE students participate in a specialized orientation program and have dedicated advising through the College.
  • In the process of declaring a concentration, each RUE student works with a faculty member who provides concentration-specific advising.
  • RUE students take advantage of the full range of other advising at Brown, including the Brown Center for Career Exploration and pre-professional advising for those interested in careers in medicine, law and business.
  • RUE students are members of RUSA, a student organization that fosters engagement and community among RUE students and others who have followed non-traditional pathways to Brown.