Undergraduate Admission

Housing, Meals and Child Care for RUE Applicants

There are a variety of housing, meal and child care options for students in the Resumed Undergraduate Education (RUE) Program.


RUE students generally live off campus, but they may apply to the Office of Residential Life if they would like on-campus housing.

The Auxiliary Housing Office maintains off-campus listings for students seeking convenient off-campus housing.


Brown Dining Services offers a wide range of flexible meal plans available to students who live on or off campus.

Child Care

The Brown/Fox Point Early Childhood Education Center is located at the southern edge of campus and accommodates children from age three through pre-K. Tuition is on a sliding scale according to income.

Eligible RUE students with dependents up to the age of six may apply to the Office of Financial Aid for a child care allowance of up to $4,000 per year per household.