Undergraduate Admission

Academic Opportunities for U.S. Military Veterans

Access the broad array of academic opportunities available at Brown.

Students admitted via the Veterans Application take the same rigorous courses and earn the same bachelor’s degree (A.B. or Sc.B.) as other Brown undergraduates. They also enjoy the flexibility of Brown’s Open Curriculum and may choose to pursue any of our 80+ academic concentrations. 

Admitted students with transferable college credits will receive an estimated semester level of entry with their offer of admission. After consulting with advisors and starting their studies at Brown, they may choose whether to transfer eligible credits or decline them in order to have more time to complete their academic goals.

Transfer credit eligibility is determined by academic deans in The College. Summer courses and most military training courses are generally not eligible for transfer credit. However, we will consider this academic work and training as part of the admission process.

Student veterans take advantage of a comprehensive academic advising program and are encouraged to use the Brown Center for Career Exploration. They also enjoy access to undergraduate research opportunities, including an array of fellowships and grants. Student veterans may also study abroad, although a minimum of four semesters of study on Brown’s campus is required for graduation.