Undergraduate Admission

Advanced Standing

International students who have completed 13 years of schooling and who have completed their external national examinations for college-level work with exceptional results may be eligible for one semester of advanced standing (which confers four enrollment units toward Brown's enrollment requirement) after they become sophomores.

International certifications most commonly earned by our students are the International Baccalaureate diploma or A-levels. Other national "13th-year" certification programs may be considered on a case-by-case basis. It should be noted that neither course credit nor enrollment credit is granted for AS or O-level exams. Students must consult the academic dean for advanced standing prior to applying.

Applying for Advanced Standing

An incoming first-year student who wishes to apply for one semester of advanced standing in order to graduate in seven rather than eight semesters of enrollment at Brown may apply with official credentials on record no later than the student's last day of classes in semester level 5 of enrollment and after reaching their third semester (level). Before applying, you also must read the regulations thoroughly. A degree completion plan, including an approved concentration declaration, and consultation with the dean for advanced standing are also required. Academic deans offer formal review of credentials for the purpose of advanced standing only after a student has been admitted and has matriculated.