Undergraduate Admission

Admission Criteria for International Applicants

In considering whether applying to Brown is the right choice for you, you should feel confident that your accomplishments would allow you to be admitted to a leading university in your own country.

International applicants, like all applicants to Brown, are expected to complete secondary school. Brown's first-year students will have completed 12 to 13 years of primary and secondary schooling. Similar to applications from students within the United States, we evaluate applications from students outside the United States with their context and opportunities in mind. We are familiar with the many varied educational systems around the world. There is no preference for or advantage given to any particular system or country.

National and International Examinations

You should plan to sit for national and international examinations, such as the GCE A-levels, German Abitur, French Baccalauréat, Chinese Gaokao and International Baccalaureate and submit the predicted or actual scores for those examinations as part of your credentials for admission to Brown. We expect the actual scores to be submitted before matriculation. At the time of application, you and your school should submit a request in writing if you are in a national curriculum but are not planning on taking the corresponding external examinations.