Undergraduate Admission


QuestBridge connects the nation's brightest underserved youth with leading institutions of higher education. Brown is delighted to be part of this very successful and worthy program.

The following materials are required by November 1 in addition to your QuestBridge application:

  • Once your QuestBridge Application is forwarded to Brown, we will email you with instructions to activate your Brown Applicant Portal. When you activate your portal, you will be asked to complete the Brown Questionnaire and respond to Brown-specific short answer questions.
  • We recognize that many of our applicants will not be able to take a standardized test or submit scores due to COVID-19. Therefore, Brown is test-optional for the 2022-2023 application cycle. If this describes your situation, please know that your application will not be disadvantaged in our admission process, and will receive full consideration by our admission committee. 

    If you do have scores you would like to share, you may request official scores from the College Board and/or ACT. Do NOT use the rush reporting service. If students are not able to submit official test scores, we will accept self-reported scores at the time of application, but will require official SAT or ACT scores for students who matriculate.

  • CSS/Financial Aid Profile (submitted electronically)

You may receive a request from the Office of Financial Aid for additional information. Rest assured that if you do not receive a request, the Office of Financial Aid has enough information to provide an estimated financial aid award at the time of admission. A request for additional information should not be interpreted as an indication of a pending College Match.

The QuestBridge Match at Brown is binding

The QuestBridge Match is binding. If you are admitted to Brown under the Match Program, you must withdraw all applications to other colleges or universities.

Every year Brown welcomes students from around the world. In fact, about 15 percent of our students come from abroad.
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