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Get to know Brown through the eyes of our best representatives - current students!

Check out the profiles below to learn more about the Tour Guides and Student Admission Representatives currently working with the Office of College Admission. Our students come from across the country and around the world, and represent an array of backgrounds, academic concentrations and extracurricular interests. If any of the experiences below resonate with you, or you have other questions about life at Brown, feel free to email askastudent@brown.edu. Many of the students featured below engage with prospective students through this email account. Whether by email, an in-person tour or a virtual visit program, our current students are excited to share their Brown expertise with you!

Student Ambassadors

  • Elysee Barakett

    Elysee Barakett

    Hello! My name is Elysee, and I am a member of the class of 2025 studying International and Public Affairs on the Policy and Governance Track. Outside of the classroom, I am a writer for the Brown Daily Herald, I play soccer at Brown/RISD Midnight Soccer, and I am a part of BOMBS– Brown Org. of Multiracial/Biracial Students. I’ve participated in Brown Outdoor Leadership Training (BOLT), which is a second-year and transfer student pre-orientation program full of camping, hiking and games. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about my experiences at Brown! 
  • Joe Belfield Tour Guide

    Joe Belfield

    My name is Joe Belfield, and I'm a member of the class of 2024 from many places: I was born in the Midlands of the UK, but I have lived in both Savannah, GA and Denver, CO within the last ten years. Outside of the classroom, I work for The Brown Daily Herald, Brown's primary news source, and I am a massive foodie; ask me anything about the Providence food scene! I would be so excited to talk about anything "Brown" with you: from academics, to campus life, to dining, to athletics, etc.
  • John Bellaire Tour Guide

    John Bellaire

    Hello! My name is John Bellaire (he/him) and I grew up in Winchester, Massachusetts! As a proud member of the Class of 2025, I concentrate in both Education Studies and International and Public Affairs. Outside of the classroom, I set on the Men's Volleyball team, serve as a Meiklejohn peer academic advisor, work as a research assistant in the Education Department, volunteer with Brown Votes, staff athletic avents (Go Bruno!), and participate in Brown's Outdoor Leadership Training program! I love the color purple, tying knots, and going for walks, and I would be delighted to help you learn more about Brown! 
  • Aidan Berman Tour Guide

    Aidan Berman

    Hello! My name is Aidan and I am a member of the class of 2025 from Westfield, New Jersey. I am currently double-concentrating in Psychology and International and Public Affairs. Outside of giving tours, I do Model UN, staff write for Brown's satirical newspaper (The Noser), and am involved in Camp Kesem, an organization that provides summer camp opportunities to children whose families are affected by cancer. I also serve as a Meiklejohn Peer Advisor and have been an Bruno Leader/Orientation Leader for first-year students in the past. In my free time, I enjoy playing intramural volleyball and exploring the food scene of Providence.
  • Noah Bingham Tour Guide

    Noah Bingham

    My name is Noah Bingham and I am a member of the class of 2024 originally from the Hudson Valley in New York, but recently I've spent a lot of time in Western MA and Eastern PA. I am studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with the hope of attending medical school after graduation while also pursuing my interest in space exploration. On campus I am involved with Brown Space Engineering, and Brown's club ultimate Frisbee program, and love to explore the outdoors. If you have any questions about the Open Curriculum, being a Pre-med student, Frisbee, space, or anything else I would be happy to answer any and all of them!
  • Ellie Blumberg Tour Guide

    Ellie Blumberg

    Hi! I'm Ellie. I'm a member of the class of 2024 from Providence studying Public Health and also maybe Comparative Literature! Outside of the classroom I'm an editor at The Rib (Brown's comedy publication written by women and people of marginalized genders), am part of the Brown/RISD standup club, and swim on the club team! Feel free to reach out with any questions about Brown life in Provy or anything else! <3 
  • Adam Brandt

    Adam Brandt

    My name is Adam Brandt and I'm a member of the class of 2024 from London England. My concentration at Brown is in Political Science, but I am also considering a second in Linguistics. I am involved with undergraduate research and the Brown Votes advocacy organization outside of the classroom, and I am happy to answer any questions at all that you might have, especially regarding the international experience here at Brown, the Open Curriculum, the social scene here at Brown, and why I chose to come here.
  • Lily Cork Tour Guide

    Lily Cork

    Hi! My name is Lily and I'm from Washington, DC. I am a member of the class of 2025, studying Sociology and Anthropology on the Socio-Cultural track. Outside of academics, I am one of the coordinators for the Coalition to End Sexual Violence (ESV) where I mostly work on survivor/peer support. I volunteer for Market Shares which is a largely subsidized farmer's market and I assist with clinical psychology research at NIH. I also took a gap year, so I'd be happy to talk about anything gap year related, and anything else that has to do with student life here at Brown!
  • Christina Crockett Tour Guide

    Christina Crockett

    Hi all! My name is Christina and I am a member of the class of 2023 from New York City concentrating in Behavioral Decision Sciences with a focus on Education. Outside of the classroom, I am really involved in Brown’s Black Student Union, Brown’s Elementary After-school Mentorship Program and I’m on Brown’s one and only step team Divine Rhythm. For fun, I love playing sports, going on adventures, and listening to music with my friends. If you have any questions, I would love to talk about my experiences at Brown with you all!
  • Riley Cruzcosa Tour Guide

    Riley Cruzcosa

    Hi! My name is Riley Cruzcosa and I'm a member of the class of 2024 from Austin, TX. I'm double concentrating in Business Economics and Visual Art. Outside of class, I am a member of Brown Womxn's Collectice and Brown Women in Business. I love to make art in my free time—my favorite medium is oil paint, but I also really enjoy drawing. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions for me!
  • Rafael Davis Tour Guide

    Rafael Davis

    Hi! My name is Rafael Davis (he/him), and I am a Mexican-American member of the class of 2025 from Peoria, Illinois: a city about three hours south of Chicago. I aim to concentrate in both Neuroscience and Hispanic studies while supplementing my education with research in concussion therapy with a Doctor of Family Medicine from AMS. I also participate as a Meiklejohn Peer Advisor, a writer for the Critical Review (a comprehensive guide to courses at Brown), a volunteer for the Brown Science Olympiad, and a bass member in the Brown University Choir. I am also a member of the PLME, which is the combined undergraduate and medical school degree that Brown offers. Within the PLME, I serve as a Sophomore Class Representative to augment camaraderie and rapport among the PLME classes. Outside of my education and extracurriculars, I volunteer at Clínica Esperanza -- a vaccine clinic that provides linguistically-appropriate care to those in need. If you have any questions, I would be more than thrilled to help!
  • Emma Donnelly Tour Guide

    Emma Donnelly

    Hi, I'm Emma! I'm from Brooklyn, New York and a member of the class of 2025 studying Applied Math-Economics and Visual Art. Outside of the classroom, I am a consultant for 180 Degrees, a member of MASH (our Mixed-Race Student Heritage Club), a Meiklejohn Peer Advisor, a member of Greek Life, and a Cooking Club enthusiast. In addition, I have been involved as a peer tutor and Bruno (Orientation) leader. In my free time, I love cafe-hopping around Providence, attending events at Hillel, and trying different workout classes at the Nelson.  
  • Victoria El-Khoury Tour Guide

    Victoria El-Khoury

    Hi everyone! My name is Victoria El-Khoury (Tory for short) and I am a member of the class of 2024 from McAllen, Texas. I am pursuing a bachelors of science in biology on the neurobiology tract, and double concentrating with either psychology or cognitive neuroscience. I am also on the pre-med track! I work with an organization called Project Let's that is focused on mental health awareness and disability justice. I work as a policy coordinator, and am also a Peer Mental Health Advocate (PMHA) who is focused on helping students struggling with mental health. Additionally, I am part of the BRYTE organization (Brown Refugee Youth Tutoring and Enrichment) that matches students with local refugee students by providing academic tutoring and mentoring. Outside of Brown, I work at a local store and help low income students with their college applications. I also enjoy reading, biking, and taking long naps in the SciLi basement!
  • Maxwell Ferguson Tour Guide

    Maxwell Ferguson

    My name is Max Ferguson and I am a member of the class of 2024 from Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania. I am planning on concentrating in Geology-Biology, and am involved with the Brown E-Sports Club and Climbing Club here on campus. I also enjoy playing spikeball on the main green and basketball at the Gano Street courts. If any of this sounds interesting to you, or you have any questions, feel free to chat with me!
  • Hayley Gasbarro Tour Guide

    Hayley Gasbarro

    Hello! My name is Hayley Gasbarro and I am a member of the class of 2024 double concentrating in Cognitive Science and Modern Culture and Media. The extracurriculars that I am involved with on campus include the Club Field Hockey Team, Brown Motion Pictures, Musical Forum, Brown's Applied Music Program, and I am a tutor with Partnership for Adult Learning. I am from Barrington, Rhode Island and have a lot of pride for this little state! I would be more than happy to chat about Providence and its surrounding areas as well as answer any questions about Brown's community and the Open Curriculum.
  • Michelle Gibble Tour Guide

    Michelle Gibble

    My name is Michelle Gibble and I’m a member of the class of 2024 from Lancaster, Pennsylvania studying Neuroscience and Gender and Sexuality Studies. At Brown I’m involved Planned Parenthood Advocacy, the Cooking Club, and I also work in the art department. I’m a big fan of the Open Curriculum and have taken classes in many departments so I would love to share its advantages with you, along with all the other amazing things Brown has to offer!
  • Giselle Goldfischer Tour Guide

    Giselle Goldfischer

    Hello! I am Giselle and I am a member of the Class of 2025 from just outside of Poughkeepsie NY concentrating in Psychology. Here at Brown, I have been involved with Psychology research as well as working as a TA for the CLPS department, in addition to working as a Peer Adivisor through the Meiklejohn program, which I love! In my free time, I work with Challah for Hunger and the Brown RISD Hillel as a whole, Feminists at Brown, and Greek Life on campus and can often be found taking a walk around campus or searching for the best coffee in Providence! :)
  • Jonathan Green Tour Guide

    Jonathan Green

    Hi! I'm Jonathan, a member of the class of 2025 from Brooklyn, New York concentrating in English and History. Aside from giving tours and working behind the desk at the Campus Center, I spend most of my time involved in Brown's incredible artistic community. I'm a staff writer at the College Hill Indepedent, a Brown-RISD publication reporting on news in the Providence community and publishing student stories, essays, and art. I work as a Writing Fellow at the Writing Center and am on the board of Musical Forum, one of the many theater-producing groups on campus. I've worked on films with Brown Motion Pictures and am now working on an indpedent student film with a crew of Brown students. When I get free time, I love to bike around Providence!
  • Bridget Griswold Tour Guide

    Bridget Griswold

    I’m Bridget Griswold, a member of the class of 2023 from Orange County, California. I study Computer Science and Business, Entrepreneurship, and Organizations: Organizational Studies. I am the Director of Brown Entrepreneurship’s Innovation Dojo, where I help walk 20 students though the development of their own startups each semester. I also love anything technology, having experience with robotics and semiconductors, and I have worked as Technical Program Manager Intern at Meta. I am involved in the Brown Womxn’s Collective, and I love going on runs around the beautiful College Hill area! 
  • Tyler Gurth Tour Guide

    Tyler Gurth

    Hey! I’m Tyler Gurth and I am a member of Brown’s class of 2025. I double concentrate in Computer Science and the History of Art and Architecture. Here at Brown, I compete for the Track and Field team in the throwing events, play Alto Sax in the band, and TA for the Computer Science department. I absolutely love Brown and the community that calls it home.
  • Dana Herrnstadt Tour Guide

    Dana Herrnstadt

    Hi! I'm Dana, a member of the class of 2024 from Maryland concentrating in English along the nonfiction writing track. On campus, I do improv, work on The Brown Noser (Brown's satire newspaper) and am an Outdoor Leadership and Environmental Education mentor (which means I teach environmental science and environmental justice in Providence high schools). I'm also a member of a harmonica trio!
  • Yani Ince Tour Guide

    Yani Ince

    Hi! My name is Yani Ince and I'm a memeber of the class of 2025 from Princeton, NJ. I'm on a pre-law track and am currenlty planning on double concentrating in East Asian Studies and either History or Political Sciene. I'm stil undecided but I have some time to figure that out! Outside of the classroom, I am a member of Brown University's Women's Club Volleyball Team, Brown's Pre-Law Association, Brown Women's Pre-Law Association, and I play soccer with RISD's Midnight Soccer Club. I will also begin doing research in the Education Department this semester so I'm super excited for that! If any of this sounds intresting to you, please feel free to reach out! 
  • Grace Jarell Tour Guide

    Grace Jarell

    Hi there, my name is Grace and I’m a member of the class of 2024 from the mountains of New Hampshire! I’m currently double-concentrating in Health and Human Biology and English and I’m also on the pre-medicine track. I spend my weekdays volunteering at a healthcare clinic in Providence where I translate for our Spanish-speaking patient base, and I’m also involved in research at the Women and Infants Hospital. When I’m not volunteering, I spend my time away from STEM with the Brown Beekeeping Society! I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about double-concentrating, pre-medicine, research, or even bees!
  • Colby Johnson Tour Guide

    Colby Johnson

    My name is Colby Johnson and I am a member of the class of 2024 from Charleston, WV. Here at Brown, I am an Education Studies and American Studies concentrator with specific emphasis on policy implementation. On campus I am an AV projectionist and film archivist for the MCM department, and I am a member of Fashion@Brown and Students for Educational Equity.  
  • Shazain Khan Tour Guide

    Shazain Khan

    My name is Shazain Khan and I'm a member of the class of 2024 from Hopkinton, MA (the starting line for the Boston Marathon), studying Neuroscience on the pre-med track! When I'm not fiddling with brains, I'm involved with Students for Educational Equity, Umeed@Brown, and just playing my sitar whenever I get the time! If you have any questions about the pre-med track (especially if you're not planning on taking a gap year), extracurriculars at Brown, random life things, or anything else, I'd love nothing more than to chat with you!
  • Iman Khanbhai Tour Guide

    Iman Khanbhai

    Hi! My name is Iman Khanbhai (she/her) and I am a member of the class of 2025 from the lovely city of Providence, RI! I intend on double concentrating in Environmental Studies (with a focus on Sustainability in Development) and Economics on the Public Policy track. Aside from the classroom, you can find me conducting oceanography research in a Geochemistry Lab, eating ice cream, and volunteering my time at Brown Market Shares Program, Farm Fresh RI, and SLUG (Student Learning Urban Garden)! Besides that, I also foster my creativity as a chair of Create @ Brown and as an active member of Fashion @ Brown.
  • Calvin Kirk Tour Guide

    Calvin Kirk

    Hey! I'm Calvin (he/him) and I'm a member of the class of 2025 from Chicago studying economics on the public policy track! Outside of class, I volunteer with HOPE (housing opportunities for people everywhere), a housing justice and mutual aid organization, and I'm on the data board for the Brown Political Review, a politics magazine on campus. I also am a member of a quasi-official Survivor watching club! I would love to chat about Brown, Survivor, or anything else! 
  • Timmy Lake Tour Guide

    Timmy Lake

    Hi all! I’m Timmy Lake, a member of the class of 2025 from Fair Haven, NJ. I am intending to double concentrate in chemistry and Hispanic studies, but that’s subject to change (thank you, Open Curriculum). I am a first grade teacher in the Providence public school district through the Brown Elementary Afterschool Mentoring program. I am also a facilitator of Brown Meditation Community where I lead some of our weekly meditation sits. Ask me about the satisfactory/no credit grade option, what the best library on Brown’s campus is, the coolest neighborhood in Providence, or any other Brown related questions you have. 
  • Samira Lakhiani Tour Guide

    Samira Lakhiani

    Hi! My name is Samira, (she/her) and I am a member of the class of 2025 from Cumberland, RI. I am a neuroscience concentrator on the pre-med track. Outside of class, I volunteer with the Brown Elementary Afterschool Mentoring Program and Alzheimer's Activists. I also write for Post- magazine, Brown's student-run arts and culture magazine. I love going on long runs throughout Providence, and checking out the impressive variety of cuisines and eateries this lovely city has to offer!
  • Liana Lewis Tour Guide

    Liana Lewis

    Hi! I’m Liana and I am a member of the Brown class of 2025. I am an international student from England, and I am double concentrating in Neuroscience and Philosophy, on the pre-med track (but planning to head back to the UK for medical school). Outside of the class room, I am a Meiklejohn peer mentor to incoming students and a member of the podcast team for Brown’s XO magazine. I also compete in a (very competitive) intramural volleyball team, called ‘I Dig You’, and go rock climbing on Sundays with Brown’s Sunday Night Climbing club!  
  • Jessica Luwis Tour Guide

    Jessica Luwis

    Hi, my name is Jessica Luwis! I’m a member of the class of 2024, double-concentrating in environmental studies and international affairs. I’m passionate about the global energy transition and sustainable development, primarily as they relate to urban spaces and international relations. Outside of academics, I love to rock climb, practice photography, snowboard, and travel as much as possible. Off campus, I work at a taco shop and volunteer at a local urban development organization. If any of these things resonate with you and you’d like to chat, feel free to reach out!
  • Pilar McDonald

    Pilar McDonald

    Hi! My name is Pilar and I am a member of the class of 2024 from San Francisco. I took last year off during the pandemic but I am now back and studying Environmental Studies and am doing an Independent Concentration in caregiving and care infrastructure. On campus, I am a research assistant for the Climate Development Lab and a member of SAKi (Students Against Koch Influence) at Brown. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or just to chat!
  • Seth McKenzie Tour Guide

    Seth McKenzie

    Hi! My name is Seth McKenzie and I’m a member of the class of 2025 from Sunderland, MA. I plan to double concentrate in Business Economics and East Asian studies. Outside of academics, I am a member of the Brown Investment Group, the largest investment club at Brown, the Brown Consulting Club, and SOCA (Students of Caribbean Ancestry). I am also an avid participant in intramural sports, as a member of intramural soccer and basketball teams. If you have any questions about my academic or extracurricular interests, or anything else, I would love to chat! 
  • Makayla McPherson

    Makayla McPherson

    Hi everyone! My name is Makayla McPherson and I'm a member of the class of 2024 from Simsbury, CT double concentrating in Engineering and Music. On campus, I'm involved in the AMP voice program, Brown University Chorus, the Black Student Union and the National Society of Black Engineers. I also love playing soccer with my friends, thrifting and trying out different local Boba shops. If anything I've mentioned interests you at all or you just want to say hi, please come chat with me!
  • Chiamaka Odenigbo Tour Guide

    Chiamaka Odenigbo

    My name is Chiamaka Odenigbo and I am a member of the class of 2024 concentrating in Mechanical Engineering. While I do live in Michigan now, New Rochelle, New York is where I call home! Outside of the classroom and this lovely job, I am on the track and field team here where I compete in both triple jump and the heptathlon. I'd love to chat about absolutely anything and everything Brown :)).
  • Arushi Parekh Tour Guide

    Arushi Parekh

    My name is Arushi and I am a member of the class of 2024 from Westchester County, NY. I am concentrating in International and Public Affairs as well as Classics. Aside from academics, I am a member of the Meiklejohn Peer Advising Program where I advise first-year students on how to acclimate to college life at Brown. I am also a consultant with Brown’s Global Research and Consulting Group and a member of Fashion@Brown. If you have any questions about navigating the Open Curriculum, extracurricular activities, or anything else about Brown, please feel free to reach out!
  • Tanya Qu Tour Guide

    Tanya Qu

    Hey!!! I'm Tanya Qu, I'm a member of the class of 2025 at Brown originally from Chapel Hill, NC, and I'm pursuing an independent concentration in Law, Philosophy, and Economics and possibly doubling in music or visual arts. For music @ brown, I've been in ensembles (Orchestra, Jazz Band, World Music Ensemble) and am a part of the most funded student team on campus in charge of putting on the annual Spring Weekend Festival. For visual art @ brown, I was admitted to RISD, I run events for Ivy Film Festival, and I'm a designer for the campus lit/art publication The Indy. Lastly, I'm a part of Brown Market Shares, I'm working at a criminal investigation firm, I've done soccer and intramurals, and I actually went to a STEM high school. So my life is all over the place.  
  • Vikas Rana Tour Guide

    Vikas Rana

    My name is Vikas Rana, and I am a member of the class of 2024 from right outside of Philadelphia, PA. I am concentrating in chemistry, but love taking advantage of the Open Curriculum to explore classes in other departments, like history and contemplative studies. I am part of the TEDx club here on campus and do research in the Wharton Lab, studying ALS through fruit flies. In my free time, I love to go on runs or bike rides around campus and along the river. I look forward to meeting you!
  • Arthi Ranganathan Tour Guide

    Arthi Ranganathan

    Hey-- my name is Arthi, and I'm a member of the class of 2024 from Charlotte, NC (go panthers <3)! Right now I'm double concentrating in Economics (Business Track) and International & Public Affairs (Policy and Governance Track). You might also find me as a TA for our Econ department. Outside of the classroom, I'm a Director of Data for the Brown Political Review, the largest undergraduate political journal in the Ivy League. I'm also really funny -- I write/perform for The Rib, a campus comedy club run by women and people of other marginalized genders. Lastly, I occasionally model for Fashion@Brown and RISD! I love hiking, painting, and lastly, Coffee Milk (a Rhode Island staple).  
  • Orly Richter Tour Guide

    Orly Richter

    Hi! My name is Orly Richter (she/her), and I am a member of Brown's Class of 2024 from rural Connecticut concentrating in Biology and Public Health. I'm also part of the five-year combined Undergraduate/Masters program at the School of Public Health. I do research on harm reducation interventions, participate in a community service organization that connects Rhode Islanders to resources to address social determinants of health, and play on Brown's club field hockey and varsity equestrian teams. If you have any questions about academics, transition to college, research, athletics, or anything else about the Brown experience, I would love to chat!
  • Janek Schaller

    Janek Schaller

    Hello everyone, and welcome to Brown! My name is Janek (he/him/his), and I'm a member of the class of 2024 from the beautiful city of Chicago, IL, double concentrating in Environmental Science and English on the non-fiction track. Outside of academics, I am a proud member of the Brown University Orchestra cello section, as well as a participant in our chamber music program here on campus. I'm a student reporter for an environmental podcast at Brown, and also engaged in research on climate obstruction and denial. I am also heavily involved with intramural sports on campus, both as a player and as a referee. If you have any questions about my (extra)curricular interests, or anything else, I would be more than happy to chat with you!
  • Isabel Simmons Tour Guide

    Isabel Simmons

    Hey Y’all! My name is Isabel. I am a member of the class of 2024 from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. After much exploration within the Open Curriculum I have happily landed on a double concentration in Religious Studies and Education Studies. Here at Brown I am on the executive board of my program house (Brown Womxn’s Collective), I have worked jobs in the President’s Office and the Advancement Office, and I am on an advisory board for the department of Campus Life. I also spend a lot of time volunteering—I coach an all-girls elementary school aged running team and I mentor students in the Providence Public School District. When not in class or engaged in one of my activities, I love going on runs, playing tennis, and enjoying the eateries of Providence! 
  • Isaac Slevin Tour Guide

    Isaac Slevin

    Hi, and welcome! My name is Isaac (he/him), I'm a member of the class of 2025 from Evanston, Illinois, concentrating in Environmental Studies. Outside of class, I'm the Hub Coordinator for the nascent Sunrise Movement chapter on College Hill, I'm an editor for the Brown Political Review, and I research climate change denial and disinformation for the Climate and Development Lab. I also play soccer on Thursdays with RISD's Midnight Soccer Club and like to go on long bike rides. I'd love to chat about any of these interests – plus the post-gap year experience at Brown – or really anything else!
  • Ellie Tapping Tour Guide

    Ellie Tapping

    I’m Ellie Tapping and I’m a 2024.5er from New York City. I’m studying Comparative Literature in two languages, English and French, and I’m also heavily involved in music at Brown! I am in Brown’s Choir and I also take part in Brown Arts Initiative’s songwriting workshop. I love to write, make visual art, cook, and play music.
  • Logan Tullai Tour Guide

    Logan Tullai

    Hi! My name is Logan, and I’m a member of the class of 2025 planning to concentrate in Political Science and Economics. I’m from Indiana, but I’ve moved a bunch! At Brown, I’m part of the Club Sailing Team, play trombone in the Brown Wind Symphony, am a writer for the Critical Review (a comprehensive guide to courses at Brown), am a Bruno Orientation Leader, and am part of Every Vote Counts (a nonpartisan organization focused on increasing voter registration and turnout). I really love the Open Curriculum and would love to chat about that or anything else you are interested in!  
  • Elliot Urget Tour Guide

    Elliot Urgent

    My name is Elliot and I'm a member of the class of 2024 from Bloomfield, New Jersey concentrating in International and Public Affairs on the Policy and Governance track. I spend most of my free time involved with music, listening to new tracks with the Brown Organization of Producers and Songwriters (BOPS), organizing student performances with Sounds@Brown, or producing my own songs. I also work on projects with Brown Consulting Club.
  • Natalie Villacres Tour Guide

    Natalie Villacres

    Hey y'all! My name is Natalie Villacres and I am born and raised in Queens, New York City. I am a first-generation Colombian and Ecuadorian sophomore at Brown, and I am considering concentrating in psychology, education, or political science. Outside of class, I am currently serving on CCB (student government) for the class of 2025, and I am a senior staff writer for the Brown Daily Herald and a Meiklejohn peer advisor. I am also the vice present of the Quest Bridge Chapter at our university, and I am additionally involved with S.E.E, B.E.A.M, C.O.S.A, and Mariachi at Brown. In my free time, I love practicing the clarinet and violin, and playing volleyball with my friends! Please feel free to reach out if you ever have any questions or want to chat :) 
  • Emily Wagg Tour Guide

    Emily Wagg

    Hi! My name is Emily and I'm a member of the class of 2024 from Portland, Maine. Here at Brown I'm studying Geochemistry with more of a focus on the ocean and atmosphere than rocks. Outside of classes, I am involved with a group of students who teaches about healthy relationships to local high school students, I work as a TA and mentor to geology students, and I play on the club lacrosse team. Besides that I am a part of the Taylor Swift club and play in a harmonica trio! Feel free to reach out and ask me anything from life at Brown, taking lots of STEM classes, or even my opinions of Taylor's Red TV release!
  • Sam Walhout Tour Guide

    Sam Walhout

    Hello! My name is Sam Walhout, and I am a member of the Class of 2025. I am originally from Wheaton, Illinois, a short way from Chicago. I am still undecided, but I plan to concentrate in Economics, Computer-Science, Political Science, Philosophy, or some combination of those. Outside of being a tour guide, I am a member of the Brown Undergraduate Finance Board. As a part of the Board, we are responsible for distributing over 2 million dollars in funds to the various student groups across campus. I am also a staff writer for The Brown Noser (Brown’s satire newspaper), and a teaching assistant for the legendary ENGN90 course. I’m always down to chat about Brown so don’t hesitate to reach out.
  • Olivia Williamson Tour Guide

    Olivia Williamson

    My name is Olivia Williamson and I’m a member of the class of 2024 from Hilliard, OH intending on concentrating in Psychology! Outside of the classroom I am involved in the Brown Center for Students of Color and the Brown Market Shares Program. If you have any questions about the Open Curriculum, navigating cultural and ethnic student organizations, living sustainably on campus, why I chose Brown, or anything else, please reach out! I’d love to talk with you!
  • Andrew Xu Tour Guide

    Andrew Xu

    Hi! My name is Andrew Xu and I'm a member of the class of 2024 from Belmont, MA studying Computational Biology and in the PLME program. Outside of the classroom, I also play on the Men's Rugby Team, Brown Band, do neuroscience research, and compete in Model UN. I'd love to answer your questions about why Brown, the Open Curriculum, fun classes or anything else!
  • Jasper Yeh Tour Guide

    Jasper Yeh

    Hello! I'm Jasper, a member of the class of 2024 from Hsinchu, Taiwan, concentrating in public health but also with an interest in cultural anthropology. Here at Brown, I'm a mentor for the International Mentoring Program as well as an EMT for Brown EMS, our campus ambulance service. I've also been working with a professor at the School of Public Health conducting research on treatments for opioid use disorder. During the past two years, I developed an interest in reading and writing (mostly non-fiction) and am currently in my first semester as a Writing Fellow. Outside of all this, I enjoy exploring different running routes around Providence, my favorite ones at the moment being East Bay Bike Path! 
  • Ivy Zhuang Tour Guide

    Ivy Zhuang

    Hola! I am Ivy Zhuang (she/her), and I am a member of the class of 2025 from Beijing, China. I am planning on studying history and psychology here at Brown, but I am also interested in languages and performing arts. Outside of academics, I am a senior editor for the peer-reviewed Brown Journal of History, a writer for Critical Review which helps Brown students navigate the Open Curriculum, and an undergraduate Teaching Assistant for Mandarin Chinese. I am also involved with various theater projects and student organizations on campus. I can't wait to meet all of you!