Undergraduate Admission

Sarah Wong

Student Profiles

Class of 2025 | Cranston, Rhode Island | Biology

Sarah is an undergraduate student enrolled in Brown’s Program in Liberal Medical Education, an eight-year program that allows students to combine their undergraduate and medical education. Sarah is the president of the Art for Service student organization, cofounder of the Brown Noodle Society and a member of the Sailing Club. 

The plethora of clubs and classes that Brown offers is huge. There’s anything you can think of. I’m part of the Branch Christian Fellowship on campus, which is an extremely strong and loving community. Club sailing is very open and welcoming and it’s been really cool to learn to sail from other people who are more experienced than I am. 

Some friends and I started the Brown Noodle Society for people to get together and cook and eat noodles. We’ve had events like a spicy ramen challenge and a workshop on making zhajiangmian, which is a type of Chinese noodle dish. It’s a very fun club.

I’m grateful for the Program in Liberal Medical Education because it provides me with the opportunity to do a lot of things I wouldn’t ordinarily be able to do in pre-med, like study abroad, which I’m hoping to do next year. You can make the most of your undergrad experience and join different clubs and not be too stressed out about required courses. The program also encourages you to take courses in anything you’re interested in to enable you to become a more well-rounded physician.

I’ve always wanted to be a doctor. I think that there’s no greater gift you can give to someone than making them healthy again or even being the difference between life and death for them. I can’t think of another profession that I would enjoy more than that. 

After a long day of classes, one of my favorite things to do is go on a run. I find it very relaxing and I get to explore the Providence area more. The Ruth Simmons Quad is my favorite place on campus to relax on my hammock, especially when the weather gets nice. 

Being from Rhode Island, I like being close enough to home so that I can see my parents, spend time with my sister or pet my dog. Coming to campus felt very new for me, but it was a good type of change. As a Rhode Islander, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to introduce my friends to my family and to take them to some of my favorite places in the state, including Narragansett and Newport. 

Something unique to Brown is that a lot of people take courses out of interest, not necessity. I think that fosters a positive, collaborative environment on campus. It’s not the grade that matters; it’s what you’re learning and that you’re challenging yourself.

My favorite thing about Brown has been meeting new people from all over the world, coming from so many different perspectives. They’ve challenged me to think differently, broadened my worldview and inspired me to make the most of my undergraduate experience.