Undergraduate Admission

Glory (SeungHee) Lee

Student Profiles

Class of 2024 | Cincinnati, Ohio | Economics

Glory is studying economics at Brown and apparel design at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) through the Brown/RISD Dual Degree Program. She is a costume designer for various theater communities at Brown and the founder of Missing Button, a creative project focused on upcycling clothing in partnership with the Brown and RISD bookstores.

There are so many opportunities to be involved in student clubs and everyone is so welcoming here. Whether or not people are concentrating and in an arts discipline, the arts infuse a lot of things and people have artistic interests in a variety of ways. And there are so many galleries and art exhibitions on campus.

The Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship at Brown has been a great resource for me. I’m discovering how much more I’m interested in entrepreneurship and pursuing a startup later on. There are also entrepreneurship courses in the Department of Engineering that I’ve registered for. You never really run out of things to be excited for and classes that you want to take. 

I’m very close with my Brown/RISD cohort. We help each other find our balance between arts and academics and explore how we merge the two. As an artist, there are some things you have to compromise if you want to relate to the real world, and also vice versa, so we share stories and bond.

Brown offers a lot of wellness-related activities and events so you can take care of your mind and your body all the time. Even in the residence halls, there are wellness socials and activities, like journaling to achieve better mental wellbeing.

Brown’s careers office and peer advisors have been very helpful with revising my resumés and preparing me for interviews. I’m constantly feeling the synergy of my two degrees in all the work and projects I pursue. I see the power of speaking both the language of fashion and the arts, and the language of business and marketing. I couldn’t have wished for a better educational experience.