Undergraduate Admission

Adeline Hahn

Student Profiles

Class of 2023 | Fairfield, Montana | International and Public Affairs; Business, Entrepreneurship and Organizations

Adeline serves as a Meiklejohn peer advisor, a communications aide in the Population Studies and Training Center and a teaching assistant for several courses. She is a member of Rural Students at Brown, served a term as president of the Brown Band (in which she plays clarinet), and enjoys playing intramural volleyball and water polo.

Within an hour of being on campus, something about it just struck me and I was like, ‘OK, this is where I'm going to college.’ The people were all very friendly, and it felt like somewhere where I could make a lot of friends and where I'd have interesting things to do. It was just kind of a gut reaction.

I shopped ‘Intro to International and Public Affairs’ with one of my best friends. She ended up dropping the class; I kept it because I loved it, and that’s been my concentration ever since. This year I found ‘Meditation and Mindfulness’ through shopping, which has been a really cool class that’s a mix of the practicum of yoga and meditation and reading scientific papers.

I'm a Meiklejohn peer advisor, and I love having a group of six freshmen to advise. I thought it'd be a cool opportunity to try to help out freshmen and just make their transition to college a little bit easier.

Most of my favorite memories from over the years are just the random little things: sitting in the Ratty for multiple hours with people freshman year or doing work and studying in the Blue Room, going to ANOCH (A Night on College Hill) and Gala, really just spending time with people and getting to explore Providence.