Undergraduate Admission

We do accept Score Choice, and will superscore within both the SAT and ACT.

After an extensive review of data, Brown has returned to its previous policy requiring standardized test scores – either SAT or ACT scores – for first-year applicants beginning with the 2024-25 admission cycle. These scores remain one factor among the many we consider in our whole-person admission process. 

We highly recommend that international applicants for whom English is not a first language or a primary language spoken at home submit the results of an English proficiency test. At this time, we accept results for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), and the Duolingo English Test. We will also accept the TOEFL IBT Home Edition. Please arrange for Brown to receive the official results. A minimum score of 105 on the TOEFL internet-based exam, a minimum score of 8.0 on the IELTS, or a minimum score of 130 on the Duolingo is expected in most cases. We do not currently accept the IELTS Indicator Examination.

Technically speaking, standardized test scores do not expire, though those that are from more recent exams tend to be most representative of you as a student at the time of your application. If you have an older SAT or ACT that you would like to submit, you are welcome to self-report your score through the Common Application, regardless of the year in which you completed the test.

If you are applying Early Decision, testing must be completed by the last October test date to ensure receipt of scores. If you are applying Regular Decision, testing must be completed by the last December test date to ensure receipt of scores.

There are no minimum standardized test requirements, and we review all applications thoroughly. While we do receive many applications from students with high test scores, we consider standardized test scores in the context of all the other information we have about a candidate. Test scores are one way to demonstrate academic potential, but applicants also show their preparedness for the rigors of Brown through their curricular choices and grades, academic involvements outside the classroom, the thoughtful writing we see in applications, and the assessments shared by recommenders.

We look at your test scores along with other information about your academic promise as we read your complete application. We do not attempt to assess test results in a formulaic way. If you have taken tests more than once, we concentrate on your highest scores.

Please either self-report your scores through the Common Application, upload them via your Brown Applicant Portal or have official test scores sent directly to Brown.

To have scores sent to Brown, you will need to provide our institutional code numbers:

  • For the SAT, Brown's code number is 3094
  • For the ACT, Brown's code number is 3800
  • For the TOEFL, Brown's code number is 3094


Only testing that is reported by the applicant, either through self-reporting or official score reports, will be included in our review of your application. We will not consider test scores included on transcripts unless you direct us to do so.

The testing policy applies to all first-year applicants. Student-athletes with questions about these requirements should contact the Department of Athletics.