Undergraduate Admission

Our evaluation process is the same for all first-year applicants, but home-schooled applicants may present some of the required documents in a different format than what would be provided by traditional schools.

The Secondary School Report form should be completed by the persons most responsible for guiding your overall learning. In addition, we would be interested to know why you and your family opted to pursue home-schooling rather than a more traditional public or private school education. We would also be curious about the resources used to craft your home-schooling curriculum and the degree of liberty you have had in guiding your own education.

We would prefer to see letters of recommendation from instructors who have taught you in a traditional classroom setting and who can speak to your abilities and potential in an objective way. For these reasons we would prefer not to receive letters of recommendation from your parents, immediate relatives or from academic tutors in the paid employ of your family. If all of your instructors fall into one of these three groups, then we will accept letters of recommendation from any of them.

In lieu of a traditional high school transcript, we ask that you provide a detailed account of the entire curriculum you have undertaken during the last four years. Please list all subjects covered, as well as the books and/or other learning resources you used. If you have taken courses at a local college, high school or through a distance education program, you should submit official transcripts from those sources to supplement your self-designed transcript.

In addition to the requirements common to all applicants, you may submit the results of supplementary standardized tests such as AP or IB scores. We will also accept an additional letter of recommendation beyond those required from your counselor (or another school official) and two teachers, but we ask that supplementary recommendations be from someone other than your parents, your immediate relatives or a tutor in the paid employ of your family. Please also include a detailed syllabus describing your program of study.