Undergraduate Admission

After you have accepted Brown's offer of admission you may request a deferral in writing by emailing admission@brown.edu. Students admitted from our waiting list are not eligible for deferrals. All requests for deferrals should be made by May 15.

We have found that students often benefit from taking time between high school and college. Some students will choose not to apply to college during their senior year, to take time off and then apply during the gap year. Others will choose to apply during their senior year, and ask permission to take a gap after they are admitted. If you choose the latter option, you will wait until after you have accepted Brown's offer of admission to request, in writing, permission to defer your admission for one year. After admission, please direct those inquiries to admission@brown.edu.

Brown will allow students fulfilling mandatory military service in their home country to defer enrollment once we have granted admission. Students must make this request in writing, as with any request for deferred admission.

You may wonder why we set a deadline for gap year requests.  First, there is very careful planning that takes place in preparation for your arrival.  We assign advisors. We assign the first reading. We plan for course enrollment.  In addition, we need to be sensitive to those on the wait list. When a student defers, we are able to offer a place to a deserving student on our wait list. Out of consideration for those on the wait list who are eager to know our final decision, it is necessary for Brown to know who will be matriculating to allow others to plan accordingly.