Undergraduate Admission

According to rules set by the Ivy League, the principles that govern admission of prospective student-athletes to Brown are the same as for all other applicants. Brown admits all candidates on the basis of academic achievements as well as personal strengths and accomplishments. Our athletic coaches will let us know which prospective student-athletes would be welcome additions to their teams, but admission decisions are made by the Admission Office.

Ivy League coaches are knowledgeable about admissions policies, can be valuable resources in guiding prospective student-athletes through the application process, and may offer advice and counsel based on feedback from the Admission Office.

Coaches may make a commitment to support a prospective student-athlete’s application. However only the Admission Office at each Ivy League school has the authority to admit an applicant and to notify an applicant of admission. Only formal correspondence from the Admission Office should be considered an admission decision.

Ivy League schools provide financial aid to students, including athletes, only on the basis of financial need as determined by each institution’s Financial Aid Office. There are no academic or athletic scholarships in the Ivy League. A coach may assist a prospective student-athlete to obtain an estimated financial aid award, however only the Financial Aid Office has the authority to determine financial aid awards and to notify students officially of their actual or estimated awards.

As a member of the Ivy League, Brown does not award academic or athletic scholarships. All financial aid awarded by Brown is need-based, meaning that no factors are considered except the family’s demonstrated financial need. We are committed to meeting 100% of demonstrated financial need for undergraduates.

Please review the instructions under the “Recruiting” section of the Brown University Athletics website.

In addition to our Division 1 varsity sports teams, Brown offers extensive recreational athletic opportunities for students including state-of-the-art athletic facilities, intramural sports, club sports, fitness programs, aquatics programs, personal training and more. To learn more, visit the “Recreation" tab on the Brown Bears website.