Undergraduate Admission

Application Process: Pre-Baccalaureate Visiting Student Applicants

Step 1


Complete the online application. Please ask representatives from your institution to submit the following material via email to [email protected]:

  • Official transcripts for all secondary school work as well as for all completed college courses and all courses currently in progress.
  • Score reports for any College Board tests you have taken. International applicants are also required to submit TOEFL, IELTS or Duolingo test results. These may be submitted by your institution or by the testing agency.

Step 2


Request that a letter from an academic dean at your college be sent to the Office of College Admission giving the college’s approval of your intentions as an applicant for visiting student status. This letter should also specify any special course selection necessary to meet the requirements of your college.

Step 3


Request letters of recommendation from two of your current or former college instructors. The recommendations should be written on the instructor’s or the college’s letterhead and sent by email attachment directly to the Office of College Admission at [email protected]. If you have declared a concentration (major), one of these letters should be from your faculty adviser.

Deadlines for receipt of application and supporting materials:

Notifications from the Board of Admission:

  • Semester I: Mailed as soon as possible after May 1
  • Semester II: Mailed as soon as possible after December 1

Important Note

Please make sure that all materials regarding your admission to either of these programs are clearly addressed to either “Visiting Student Program” or “Special Student Program.” This applies to all materials sent by you or representatives of your secondary school or college. Materials not so marked will jeopardize the completion of your application.

If you encounter any technical difficulties or if you have any questions, please email [email protected].