Undergraduate Admission

If you have a question that our website doesn't answer, the fastest way to get an answer is through our frequently asked questions portal. If your question is still unanswered, please email us. We monitor the email accounts regularly. If you have a question that our website does not answer, we encourage you to email admission@brown.edu or transferadmission@brown.edu to ensure a timely response. These accounts are monitored regularly and are our preferred method of contact, as individual admission officers may be conducting outreach and reading applications for much of the year. We also encourage you to direct questions about student life to askastudent@brown.edu. Applicants with updates that they would like included in their applications are instructed to upload any new information directly via the Brown Applicant Portal. We are not able to accept updates via email. 

Please note: Your admission officer is assigned based on the location of your high school, which may be different than your home address.

Transfer Applicants

Unlike applications for first-year admission, transfer applications are not assigned to a regional admission officer. If you have questions about the transfer application process, please email transferadmission@brown.edu.  

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